A Glass Menagerie – Stained glass dreams

A Glass Menagerie is a custom stained glass studio offering design services, full color scaled drawings, custom built stained glass windows, stained glass mosaic stepping stones, specialty pet portraits, cabinet inserts, transoms and sidelights. We can build stained glass windows for home or office in any style that fits your needs:  Victorian, contemporary, floral, Art Deco, Nouveau, geometric, southwest, traditional, and nature stained glass windows to just name a few.  Kitchen cabinets, media units, transoms, hanging or installed we have created all types and styles of stained glass windows here in our Savannah, GA stained glass studios.  We can build any size, any shape and any color you could possible dream of.


This is just one of hundreds of windows we have created for customers across the country.  The Tree of Life contains a rainbow of colored Waterglass by Spectrum.

Do you have an idea for an art glass window, need to replace an existing stained glass window or would you like a stained glass window panel to hang for some added color to any room in your home, then contact A Glass Menagerie at:  glassm2@yahoo.com or telephone (912) 349-4077 and we will be happy to work with you on creating the perfect stained glass design.


About glassme

Stained glass artisan for 20+ years. Custom made stained glass windows, transoms, sidelights, cabinet inserts, stepping stones, pet portraits and gifts.

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