Stained Glass – Custom Unique Christmas Gifts

Stained Glass Butterfly Lady

Butterfly Lady with stained glass wings

Trouble thinking of the right gift for the right person?  Finding unique one-of-a-kind Christmas gift can be a challenge, even for the most thoughtful mind.  Make the season merrier by having a piece of art glass custom made for someone special.  It is something that would be treasured forever.  Stained glass isn’t limited by large windows or transoms.   There are many types of items made from stained glass that make impressive gifts for anyone.


Beautiful butterfly ladies make great gifts for teenage girls.  The butterfly ladies are featured on our Wings of Stained Glass page and can be made in your teens favorite colors.  Also featured on this page are dragonflies, hummingbirds, peacock, parrots and more.  


Suncatchers are always a favorite for anyone.  Who doesn’t like the bright sunny colors of stained glass twinkling in the sunshine.  Each of of our sun-catchers can be customized with your choice of glass colors.

Stained Glass Pet Portraits

Who doesn’t have a pet these days?  We can take your pets photo and create a stained glass panel or mosaic stepping stone of your pet with the background of your choice.  The stained glass pet portraits have been one of  our best sellers and will surely please anyone who receives such a thoughtful gift.  Although most are dogs and cats, we aren’t limited in the type of animal at all.

Stained glass pet portrait - Airedale

3-D & Beveled Panels

We also create a number of small 3-D & Beveled panels that are quite unique making them fantastic gifts.  The 3 dimensional flowers come in several colors.  The beveled pieces are colored  bevels so the pictures really don’t do them justice.

3-D Lily Stained glass panel

3-D Lily Stained glass panel

Fantasy in Glass

Our Fantasy in Glass page features a gorgeous array of creatures such as fairies and dragons with stained glass wings.  Order each with a different color wing.  Please note that these are not suggested for children.  The figures may contain lead and glass which can be harmful.

A Glass Menagerie is a great spot to find gifts for most anyone on your list.  With custom colors each person can be pleased with their own color preference.

About glassme

Stained glass artisan for 20+ years. Custom made stained glass windows, transoms, sidelights, cabinet inserts, stepping stones, pet portraits and gifts.

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