Simple Stained Glass For the Home

Simple tulip stained glass panel

Simple tulip stained glass panel

A little known fact about stained glass that many people just might not know is that it can look simple and plain just as easily as it can look overstated and luxurious. In addition to the many exuberant and intricately designed stained glass styles, there are just as many stained glass styles which are very simple, pleasing to the eye, and convey a straightforward approach. Many refer to these stained glass styles as simple designs and surprisingly, simple designs are extremely popular for a wide range of individuals, and are also gaining tons of momentum as the best new way to incorporate stained glass into any modern home or office. Simple stained glass designs are just that, simple designs, this means that they do not have many colors or different shades interspersed into the glass like other styles might, and they just do not include any complicated imagery whatsoever. Every aspect about simple designs are easygoing and approachable, not unnecessary and extreme. The look of a simple design is usually composed on a plain background, and then there are usually one, but sometimes two separate images within the stained glass itself. These images usually range from a single flower such as a rose or violet, a religious symbol such as a cross, a woman’s face, two buzzing bees, etc. These simple designs do not look opulent or excessive, but instead, express a fantastic design aesthetic and bring any room some much needed cheerfulness and bold appeal. Even with simple designs, the stained glass is still front and center, and bring a bold center point into any room. As it goes to show, simple stained glass designs are perfect for adults as well as children, and many are completely satisfied with the overall look these simple stained glass styles bring into any room in a home or office.

To see more simple stained glass design or have us create a custom design for you visit our site: A Glass Menagerie

The simple designs would be here: Simple Stained Glass


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