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Stained Glass Home Bar Signs

Stained glass home bar sign

Stained glass home bar sign

For those who wish to incorporate a unique way of achieving high standards of architectural beauty, the use of stained glass windows has been existence for some time now. However, in recent times, their popularity has increased considering the high level of sophistication and intricacy these windows have. Both home and commercial bar establishments have increasingly adopted the use of hanging panels to convey messages in an appealing and tasteful manner. The demand for stained glass home bar signs has increased considering there’s so much graphic artwork that can be put into the entire design. It’s good to ensure that the design selected should reflect boldness and elegance.

The good news is that if you’re looking for glass home or commercial bar signs that will give you impressive results, you can choose from various colors and designs or have one custom made just for you. It’s important to choose a reputable professional with top notch experience who can guide you on choosing the best designs. Having a good design and color facilitates a pacifying atmosphere that creates a top notch feeling of excitement and ambience. Stained glass windows are loved by everyone, and unfortunately, some people mistakenly feel they’re costly and are therefore beyond their reach. Nothing could be further from the truth. While some intricate panels can be high priced most of the ones we do for homes are quite reasonable. If you’re fascinated with stained glass, you should contemplate at least having a quote done. One of the more popular things now is the home bar sign. I have done several of these. They can make a plain ole boring home bar pop and sizzle with excitement giving it the feel of a true commercial bar.

These stained glass window hangings are terrific considering they fully incorporate the needs of everyone in a special and memorable way. Both commercial and residential clients appreciate the importance of having hang panels considering they are a cheaper option and a smart way to relish stained glass signs in your home. If you love to be unique and experimental, you can opt for stained glass signs that come in different shapes depending on the where they will be placed.

Users looking for creativity are allowed to choose from designs such as birds, flowers, butterflies among many others to achieve stunning designs. Some of the colors that you can consider include green, gold and amber. There are so many unique ways you can use stained glass; some people interested in lighting up spaces use them as cabinet inserts to add a touch of elegance. It’s worth mentioning that stained glass signs can be given to loved ones as gifts for special occasions. In such a case, you need to research carefully and choose a style that will compliment the personality of the recipient especially if they are love tainted windows.

In recent times, a lot of people have been increasingly gaining interest in purchasing glass hanging panels because when renting a house, it makes it difficult for renters to customize and personalize homes by installing stained glass windows. Therefore, if you’re looking for a perfect recipe for style and creativity, the decision to use a stained glass home bar or commercial signs is a good idea.

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Capture the Magic of Your Home with a Fantasy Stained Glass Window


Dragon star stained glass panel

Dragon star stained glass

Most people associate stained glass windows with churches, but did you know it can also be installed in your home? More and more people realize the value of having stained glass panels installed in doors or windows, bearing simple designs inspired by fantasy.

The creation of stained glass is a form of art that can be traced back for centuries, and it is believed that it originated in Egypt. A stained glass window is, in fact, only a painting created by means of cut glass, light and a sturdy metal frame.

A short history on stained glass panels

The first stained glass art can be traced back to the twelfth century and a man by the name of Theophilus, a monk. He wrote a book about the designing and crafting of stained glass panels, and this indicates that even in such an early age, the fascination of stained glass and its uses had captured the attention of many people, and with good reason.

In the fifteenth century, instead of using stained glass to create panels, artists began to paint on glass. This was mainly because it allowed them the freedom to add more detail to their work, but it nevertheless eliminated the magic offered by stained glass windows.

Enter the nineteenth century, when a sudden interest arose in the traditional making of stained glass items. Pioneers such as Alfred Bell and William Morris actively set about the task to rediscover the techniques involved in the creation of stained glass and by doing so, paved the way for this form of art to enter the twentieth century as modern additions to homes and public buildings alike.

Introducing fantasy stained glass panels

The modern improvement of general glassmaking and different tastes of individuals when choosing stained glass make it possible to incorporate fantasy symbols in our stained glass works of art. Simple designs such as dragons and fairies are very popular, as it makes a bold statement without too much fuss.

Our stained glass expertise doesn’t stop there. We also create fantasy stained glass mosaic stepping stones, which can be used throughout many a garden. We can think of no better place to set your fantasy creatures “free”.

Capture your childhood fantasy in stained glass panels

Whether it is mermaids or castles, we have the expertise to create your fantasy ideas in stained glass. We work in accordance with your specifications; therefore, we can create your masterpiece in any size and fit it professionally.

No one is too old for a fantasy, and besides, a fine piece of art is always a good investment. Why not capture yours in stained glass?


Contemporary Stained Glass

Contemporary Geometric Panel

Contemporary Geometric Panel

As of late, many individuals are really starting to appreciate the extreme value in adorning their home or office with a contemporary and modern decorating style. This contemporary and modern decorating style includes fresh and modern types of furnishings, up to date wall coverings, and even, contemporary styles of stained glass! Contemporary stained glass is quickly becoming a very unique and distinctive replacement to a plain window, of any size, in any room in a home or office. The reality is that the reason why some might shy away from stained glass windows in their home or office is because many stained glass styles tend to appear specifically traditional or too elegant for a modern-looking home. But, this is not the case with contemporary stained glass styles. The look of contemporary stained glass is extremely new, understated, versatile, and particularly low-key.  And, now more than ever, many homeowners are choosing to incorporate contemporary stained glass into their abode, and this is because contemporary stained glass gives off the appearance of simplicity, but also evokes a sense of straightforward luxury.

As a whole, contemporary stained glass is full of abstract shapes, a wide variety of bold colors, and streamlined design aesthetics. Each contemporary stained glass design also gives off bold, eye-catching artistic elements that actually looks great in all types of homes, no matter the size, shape, or location. Even small apartments and mid-sized condominiums look great with the addition of several contemporary stained glass windows. The best decor styles to pair with contemporary stained glass windows are up-to-the-minute couches, tables, chairs, and wall coverings in neutral colors and shades. Brushed metal and glass tables and lamps also look great when coordinated with contemporary stained glass. As it goes to show, no matter what is paired with contemporary stained glass, it always look modern and gives off a present appeal!

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