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Stained glass colors from an interior decorators perspective.

Incorporating stained glass windows into your home may seem daunting.  It’s all about color and how you use it.  Here is an interior decorator’s perspective on it.

Many people design their homes with little awareness of the “proper order” of doing things especially when deciding upon their color scheme (and consequently, they try to choose paint colors first, rather than last!)  In actuality, this is more an art of applying simple math equations than it is getting every paint color right.  But, this also means knowing what colors you need in a space and in what proportions.  To establish a sense of continuity throughout one space, or even an entire home, it is always best to establish (what people in the design world) call “a leading pattern!”  Prior to selecting paint colors, it helps if you have something you love actually guiding your eye throughout the whole process, such as an area rug, an important piece of art, or perhaps even a wallpaper pattern.  This is very much like the artist’s paint palette that they would select to use prior to their work of art being created.  During this process, the artist “collects” or “visualizes” something that inspires their stained glass design.  When people try to select colors in their houses, they tend to see things in a disjointed manner which causes the spaces not to flow into each other well (much like your grandmother’s patchwork quilt!)

Consider a stained glass window as a perfect leading pattern.  Find a favorite photograph, an upholstery fabric, tile pattern, a beach scene or really anything that has several colors you love!  We can help guide your eye as far as your “base colors” as well as your “warm and cool accent colors.”  Colors in nature are usually the very best when it comes to creating successful interior color schemes.  Nature usually has a deeper earthy “ground floor” color, a “medium” wall color (thinks tans and greens in trees) and then the lightest “sky” color on the ceiling.  After deciding the neutral base wall colors and anchoring your design, you can then put in your accent wall colors along with accent pieces for exciting “pops” of color.  The more you are able to repeat these accent elements, the more your interior space will flow seamlessly from one space to the other.

So now….you now know a true “inside designer’s secret!”  A successful home interior  starts with one, great exciting “leading pattern” but the trick is perhaps finding it.

Browse our  Stained Glass Panels by Style.

stained glass blue bird panel

Blue bird & vines stained glass panel


Stained Glass Windows Etc

Don’t settle for cheap badly made stained glass window imports.  Transform your home with custom designed stained glass windows from A GlassMenagerie.  We offer hundreds of colors and designs that is only limited by your imagination.  We feature, hanging panels, pet portraits, cabinet door inserts, transoms, sidelights, mosaic stepping stones as well as a nice selection of gift items.

Glass is a beautiful wonderous medium! Most people quickly fall in love with the way light and color plays in sun or in incandescent light!  As an artist, stained glass continues to be a voyage of discovery into a colorful and truly magical world.

Each item can be customized to fit your color and space requirements. We also offer custom design service and each client receives a full scaled color drawing for their approval.

Our most popular items are the stained glass pet portraits.  We utilize a cad-based program designed especially for stained glass designing.  All you have to do is provide a couple of photos in poses you like of your pet and we can custom draw it.  Below is a photo an Airedale dog.

For details call us 912-349-4077 or Email us:

stained glass window - airdale dog

Stained glass window – Airedale dog

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