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Creative Ways of Using Stained Glass

stained glass window - tree sunset

Sunset Tree Silhouette

When you think of stained glass, what do you see? We usually picture churches, cathedrals and temples with large art glass windows depicting images of religious significance. We probably imagine that warm colored light that shines through on Sundays as we sit in the pews. Stained glass is an art form that has been around for centuries; the main use being windows. However, stained glass is an art that spans much farther and wider than just windows in houses of worship. Stained glass can enhance the beauty of a home, or even a business, in windows, hanging panels, transoms, cabinet doors, stepping stones and many more architectural and interior designs.


Stained glass Ivy window panel

Stained glass Ivy Arched window


Stained glass windows are a great way to bring out the uniqueness and personality of your home. The glass itself varies in many colors, textures, and styles that will allow you a great amount of creativity in design. When the windows catch the sun, they bring out warmth and beauty making the room come alive.  Having stained glass windows is akin to having fine paintings on the walls of your home. The artistry and liveliness that shine through is unparalleled.


Mosaic style designs used for outdoor stepping stones are an excellent way to instantly turn your patio, garden, backyard or any outdoor seating place into a gorgeous retreat. A theme can be created, giving homage to your favorite flowers, animals, country or to your family.  Stained glass stepping stones incorporate lively colors and pattern to your outdoor relaxation or recreation area.


Suncatchers are like floating works of art that can be placed anywhere. Hanging in a sunroom is an excellent choice to bring out the colors in the design. They can be hung in windows, on porches, placed on a mantle or a bookcase. Suncatchers are an excellent way to bring the beauty and creativity of stained glass into your home without spending a lot of money, and they make the best gifts or stocking stuffers.
These are just a few of the ideas that encompass all that is the art of stained glass. So when you think of stained glass now, you can picture your home enhanced with the color, light, beauty and artistry that it can bring in a variety of ways.

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Stained Glass Makes Fabulous Wedding Gifts

stained glass bride and groom


Ideas for unique Wedding gifts – Stained Glass Stepping Stones or Art Glass Panels

Stained glass is a gift to be treasured for newlyweds.  Consider the couples own style when looking for an appropriate piece.  If the couple has a particular color scheme in a room or elsewhere in the home, choose a piece to compliment it.  For instance if they are utilizing red in their kitchen then consider buying a stained glass panel with a pop of red to tie it into the space.  
For unique wedding or special anniversary gifts like no other, consider having your favorite photo made into a stained glass stepping stone or stained glass art window panel.  We are making a piece like this for a customer presently and it is one of the greatest ideas we think we have ever seen.  The couple selected a picture from their wedding  and they are posed facing each other noses touching  This will make a fantastic keepsake that will last a lifetime.  Imagine seeing a personalized piece like this backlit over a fireplace!
A stained glass panel is a perfect wedding gift.  Price points are dictated by the size and complexity of design, which translates to a very wide range of options.  A piece with neutral tones can be place anywhere in the home.  However, should you have a certain room in mind then feel free to choose accordingly.
One idea is to commission an artisan to create an original piece of stained glass for the couple.  You could for instance commission a window for the couple’s home.  If this is out of your budget range consider doing a group gift.
Another idea is to purchase a wedding gift certificate for a stained glass panel.  This would allow the couple to choose their colors and design to fit their new home.  We are offering a new type of special wedding registry this year. Brides/families/friends can request an account to be set up for the couple.  Anyone who wishes to contribute to the Wedding Pot can request his/her name to be put on the list along with the amount they wish to contribute.  The certificate will be listed with all the names of the givers and presented to the couple on their wedding day.
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