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Memorialize your Beloved Pet in a Stained Glass Pet Portrait

stained glass dog

Stained Glass Dog

A photograph encompasses much more than the mere image of the subject. It tells a story of the day, of the life of the pet, and the impact that it had on the owner. Thanks to the shortened life span of most animals, in just a short while that is all most people have of their cherished companions. The sad thing about these pet portraits is that they may be become damaged with time, and fade with the seasons.

Thankfully, there are alternatives available. Custom mosaics can bring longevity to the memory of the cherished companion and act as a stepping-stone to pleasant memories of days gone by. Here is how stained glass windows can help an owner honor the memory of his favorite four legged companions.

Make the memorial a part of the home
Decorations add character and style to any house, and something custom made (with a picture of the pet as a guide) will stand out in any home. A simple photograph can become misplaced, and fades with time. A stained glass window will last as long as you wish.

Beyond the memorial, it can lead to conversations with guests and loved ones. A window can serve as a starting point, introducing your beloved companion to others.

Bring life to a room
A pet brings light into any room he wanders in. It is common for a dog to stimulate smiles from children, and bring visitors closer to hosts. They are a source of comfort, and help turn a house into a home. When regular, white, light hits these stained glass panels, the tinted panes sparkle with the color of the rainbow. Much like the honored pet, these windows will bring a sense of character to the room it resides in, helping turn a dwelling into a home.

Visit A Glass Menagerie’s Pet Portrait page to see many of the pet portraits we have done or contact us to have a custom design of your dog done.

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