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Nautical Stained Glass by A Glass Menagerie

mermaid-stained glass window

mermaid-stained glass window

A Glass Menagerie is a website by an artist who was born and raised in North Carolina who became interested in working with stained glass in 1993 as part of her hobby. At the time they were building a home and wanted stained glass windows made for it.  In 1996, the artist established A Glass Menagerie. At the beginning, she only had several pages of products and has eventually grown into what it is today.

Of particular interest was nautical-themed stained glass designs. The Nautical pages of A Glass Menagerie features a variety of kinds of marine creatures such as sailboats, sea shell, and mermaids – which is a virtual glass sea. A Glass Menagerie is pleased to customize any art glass window, stepping stoness or suncatcher of your choice in a rainbow of colors available in stained glass.
For people who are interested in Tropical Fish designs, you can collect fish suncatchers and hang them up at different heights in your window. Several fish sun-catchers are much bigger compared to usual sun-catchers. A Glass Menagerie is willing to make related deep sea and other marine creatures at your behest. Fill a bathroom window with a beautiful ocean scene. The nautical-themed stained glass of A Glass Menagerie make for wonderful presents even for the most discerning people. The art glass of A Glass Menagerie is made from high quality materials that will definitely make the windows in your home quite intriguing.  Each piece is hand cut and then soldered just like Louis C Tiffany did

After almost 2 decades of doing stained glasse, she has never grown tired of it. Designing and fabricating nautical-theme stained glass has been the passion of the owner of A Glass Menagerie. For more information on the nautical-themed stained glass products of A Glass Menagerie, kindly

Stained Glass Fantasy

Stained Glass Fantasy Window

Stained Glass Fantasy Window

I recently had the pleasure of designing and fabricating a stained glass window for a man who wanted a fantasy life scene for his wife’s anniversary gift.  Based on Beauty and the Beast, it was to have 5 panels with each depicting a story in his life.  He married his wife in a different location every year so 3 of the panels were of the places he had married her; one of a wind mill, another with dolphins and another in a hot air balloon.   The 4th panel would depict his two children standing on the beach in front of Catalina Island.  The main panel is based on the design of Beauty and the Beast dancing together.  The resulting stained glass window is pictured.   What a lovely way for a man to show his love for his wife.

If you would be interested in creating a life story window you may contact me at: or see my other designs at A Glass Menagerie


Stained Glass – Custom Unique Christmas Gifts

Stained Glass Butterfly Lady

Butterfly Lady with stained glass wings

Trouble thinking of the right gift for the right person?  Finding unique one-of-a-kind Christmas gift can be a challenge, even for the most thoughtful mind.  Make the season merrier by having a piece of art glass custom made for someone special.  It is something that would be treasured forever.  Stained glass isn’t limited by large windows or transoms.   There are many types of items made from stained glass that make impressive gifts for anyone.


Beautiful butterfly ladies make great gifts for teenage girls.  The butterfly ladies are featured on our Wings of Stained Glass page and can be made in your teens favorite colors.  Also featured on this page are dragonflies, hummingbirds, peacock, parrots and more.  


Suncatchers are always a favorite for anyone.  Who doesn’t like the bright sunny colors of stained glass twinkling in the sunshine.  Each of of our sun-catchers can be customized with your choice of glass colors.

Stained Glass Pet Portraits

Who doesn’t have a pet these days?  We can take your pets photo and create a stained glass panel or mosaic stepping stone of your pet with the background of your choice.  The stained glass pet portraits have been one of  our best sellers and will surely please anyone who receives such a thoughtful gift.  Although most are dogs and cats, we aren’t limited in the type of animal at all.

Stained glass pet portrait - Airedale

3-D & Beveled Panels

We also create a number of small 3-D & Beveled panels that are quite unique making them fantastic gifts.  The 3 dimensional flowers come in several colors.  The beveled pieces are colored  bevels so the pictures really don’t do them justice.

3-D Lily Stained glass panel

3-D Lily Stained glass panel

Fantasy in Glass

Our Fantasy in Glass page features a gorgeous array of creatures such as fairies and dragons with stained glass wings.  Order each with a different color wing.  Please note that these are not suggested for children.  The figures may contain lead and glass which can be harmful.

A Glass Menagerie is a great spot to find gifts for most anyone on your list.  With custom colors each person can be pleased with their own color preference.

Stained Glass Makes Wonderful Gifts

Every year, almost everyone has to buy a present for that special person on their list that seems impossible to buy for… know……the one that already has everything!  With Christmas upon us you say to yourself; what shall I buy?

Consider one of our many stained glass gift  items. We offer a wide selection of stained glass stepping stones for you garden. Perhaps, you could start a collection of stones, each with a different family members name or grandchild’s name added to personalize their outdoor space or walkway to their favorite outdoor sitting area.

Another great idea are our pet portraits. All we need are a few good pictures of their beloved cat or dog and you can give the hard to buy for person on your list a gift that will delight them for years! If this isn’t in your budget, consider one of our clocks, suncatchers, or book-ends .These look absolutely amazing on a bookshelves or side tables.  Also, you can select from one of many style panels including traditional, contemporary, southwestern or  art deco/nouveau to suit their particular decor. Or perhaps, they already have some sort of collection and you want to add something great to it. Our custom designed stained glass pieces are sure to please!

Another fantastic option for an extra special gift would be custom stained glass windows inserted into cabinet door fronts. I made one for my mother-in-law for the small cabinet over her stove and years later, almost every time I talk to her she tells me how amazed her friends are when they see it. It became to focal point in her kitchen and now she has coordinated all of her linens and dinnerware to match it. So men, listen up! Give the special lady in your life a gift that truly keeps on giving……something shell never forget and something that will remind her of you each and every time she looks at it.

Butterfly lady with stained glass wings

Butterfly lady with stained glass wings

mermaid stained glass window
Stained glass Mermaid window

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