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Tragedy Inspired Art

pink tulips in vase stained glass window

Pink tulips in vase

After watching the terrible events unfold for the last couple of days  beginning at the Boston Marathon and  ending with the eventual capture of the suspect holed-out in the hull of a boat I was struck by how intertwined all our lives are.  Each and every one of us are connected in some form or fashion whether we like it or not.  I will not venture further into that line of thought however since this piece is supposed to be about art glass.

I recently viewed a request from a lady who wanted a custom pink & white urn made to keep the ashes of her 13 yr old daughter who had recently died.  Pink was her daughter’s favorite color and she wanted it in the shape of a heart.  I was so moved and inspired by her story I felt absolutely compelled to design a piece of stained glass with this theme in mind.

The resulting stained glass design is a vase of pink tulips.  To me the vase with the heart symbolizes the unity and foundation of family.  It is the structure that ties families together.  Each flower in the vase represents different branches of the family while  each flower symbolizes one single family.   Each petal in that flower symbolizes each individual in that family.  Some flowers will have 3-4 petals (family members) while others will have 5-6 petals (family members).  In my design you will see a single petal that has fallen.  This represents the lost daughter.

I honestly can’t say for sure where all this came from inside me.  I felt, compelled, if you will, to do something even though I am quite busy and really didn’t have time for it.  Perhaps because of the emotions that were traveling throughout the country I was emotionally inspired to create.  The story moved me and so now this stained glass design exists because of it.

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