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Stained Glass Stepping Stones – Beautiful Garden Additions

Sun & Moon Stepping stone

Sun & Moon Stepping stone

Stained glass stepping stone walkways are the perfect way to enhance your outdoor living areas and add beauty to your surroundings. Mosaic stepping stones are not only a gorgeous addition, but also functional, leading the viewer to a specific area. One of the most important aspects of your property is the walkway that leads to the front door of your home. . There are many styles of paths, but the most beautiful is a stained glass stepping stone walkway.

Creating a mosaic stone path uses far less stones than a full walkway, while still keeping each footstep landing out of the dirt or wet grass. The stepping stones themselves may be round, hexagonal or square. In an artistically arranged garden, you can control the pace of the person using the path by setting the stones closer or farther, encouraging contemplation.

With the hexagon shaped stones we can create designs that interweave with one another.  The finished walkway will appear as if it were all one design continuing from one stone to the next.  Because of their shape this works fabulously with the hexagonal stones.  Imagine frogs leaping from one lily pad stone to the next.  Some stones could have geckos and even a turtle.

Curving pathways can easily be created with the round stepping stones.  Because of their shape they lend well to the curvature of the walkway.  Each design can be different or a theme set can be created.  Butterflies are a beautiful choice.  Some can be open-winged while others can be perched upon a flower or leaf and still others depicted in flight.

We also create larger square stones, bricks, double bricks and three sizes of round ones.  Why not intermingle them to create a really interesting walkway?  You are only limited by your imagination.  We can design any theme in any shape to suit your tastes.

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