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Capture the Magic of Your Home with a Fantasy Stained Glass Window


Dragon star stained glass panel

Dragon star stained glass

Most people associate stained glass windows with churches, but did you know it can also be installed in your home? More and more people realize the value of having stained glass panels installed in doors or windows, bearing simple designs inspired by fantasy.

The creation of stained glass is a form of art that can be traced back for centuries, and it is believed that it originated in Egypt. A stained glass window is, in fact, only a painting created by means of cut glass, light and a sturdy metal frame.

A short history on stained glass panels

The first stained glass art can be traced back to the twelfth century and a man by the name of Theophilus, a monk. He wrote a book about the designing and crafting of stained glass panels, and this indicates that even in such an early age, the fascination of stained glass and its uses had captured the attention of many people, and with good reason.

In the fifteenth century, instead of using stained glass to create panels, artists began to paint on glass. This was mainly because it allowed them the freedom to add more detail to their work, but it nevertheless eliminated the magic offered by stained glass windows.

Enter the nineteenth century, when a sudden interest arose in the traditional making of stained glass items. Pioneers such as Alfred Bell and William Morris actively set about the task to rediscover the techniques involved in the creation of stained glass and by doing so, paved the way for this form of art to enter the twentieth century as modern additions to homes and public buildings alike.

Introducing fantasy stained glass panels

The modern improvement of general glassmaking and different tastes of individuals when choosing stained glass make it possible to incorporate fantasy symbols in our stained glass works of art. Simple designs such as dragons and fairies are very popular, as it makes a bold statement without too much fuss.

Our stained glass expertise doesn’t stop there. We also create fantasy stained glass mosaic stepping stones, which can be used throughout many a garden. We can think of no better place to set your fantasy creatures “free”.

Capture your childhood fantasy in stained glass panels

Whether it is mermaids or castles, we have the expertise to create your fantasy ideas in stained glass. We work in accordance with your specifications; therefore, we can create your masterpiece in any size and fit it professionally.

No one is too old for a fantasy, and besides, a fine piece of art is always a good investment. Why not capture yours in stained glass?


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